Risk monitoring

A robust fraud risk management requires above just ensuring an effective system of internal controls but also implementing a sound and effective fraud monitoring tool.

Reduction of the likelihood of recurrence of an issue Ensure that your card and AML programs and controls can meet stakeholder expectations Verify that compliance program is operating effectively Mitigating opportunities to commit fraud or other illegal acts Identify and cut unnecessary costs associated with occupational theft, waste, and abuse Conduct due diligence

What sets us apart?

A timely detection of fraud incidents

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Robust Solution


As such our Risk and Fraud Solution allows Issuing and acquiring transactions monitoring in real time as well as an efficient Omni Channel Fraud solution to minimize fraud losses and enhance the customer experience. The system is aimed to cover the international debits and credits cards, closed scheme cards, mobile banking, all banking transactions as well as accounts management.

We propose a Fraud Monitoring System that will attain the following objectives:


Reduce losses of fraudulent activities through more timely investigative capabilities Utilise a combination of Real-time, Near Real-time and Neural capabilities Advanced rule management, implementation and monitoring A mechanism to classify card fraud events based on business sensitivity, loss expectancy and occurrence likelihood and frequency Implement an alert and reporting mechanism based on classified card fraud events, transactions and behaviour Allow for pro-active and automated customer communication via sms, auto-voice and email alerts


Covers a range of Software Application Modules that can be taken on a module-by-module basis, as a Lite solution or as an Enterprise solution. We welcome the opportunity to determine the most appropriate deployment taking into account business volume, growth projections, business channel coverage and available budget

It operates through user-defined rules and parameter mapping, supplemented by artificial intelligence and automated machine-learning techniques.

Designed for risk management and fraud detection for POS, ATM, Call Centre, e/m commerce, PSP, ISO’s and Payment Facilitators.

It operates in near real time (minutes) based on a batch feed typically of settlement transactions and static data feeds and/or in real time module monitoring the authorisation stream. It includes all the Card scheme recommended rule sets are for issuing and acquiring.

SMS messaging and automates the delivery of fraud alerts to cardholders.
Provides Real time dashboard and BI Reporting, a broad range of detailed customisable reports.