Online Payment Security Solutions

Powerful fraud protection tool

Reduce Friction and Decrease Abandonment for CNP Transactions with An Effective Online Payment



Most existing fraud prevention strategies aren’t equipped to handle the marked increase in e-commerce and in particular, mobile commerce transactions. Rather than help retailers and card issuers effectively prevent fraud, far too often these strategies end up creating an environment fraught with false positives legitimate transactions wrongly declined due to suspected fraud. The sheer volume of false positive declines threatens to damage the consumer experience and the way shoppers interact with banks, card issuers and retailers.


The New Way: Stop Fraud While Delivering a Frictionless E-Commerce Experience

  •  Implement a flexible and comprehensive 3D Secure program that gives cardholders robust security, personalized one-to-one marketing and better customer service.
  • Easily integrate with your Issuer existing systems through a flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture.
  • Assess the risk of a card-not-present 3D Secure transaction in real time by analyzing unique authentication data, such as device type, location, user behavior, historical trends and more.
  • Implement customizable rules and model thresholds and set policies that allow or deny a purchase, as well as identify events that require additional authentication.
  • Simplify transactions by offering several mobile authentication options—including push notifications and one-time passwords.

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