Cards Acquiring

These courses cover the fundamentals of acquiring business on the best practice of card payment acceptance.It is ideal for Acquiring managers, bank accountants as well as for Cards finance specialists. These programmes will enable Acquiring managers, merchant executives and representatives to master the acquiring business, understand the benefits of accepting Card Payments, the transaction process, fraud and risk management.

1. Cards Acquiring Sales & Operations

Roles in the Card Business Process
Payment Acceptance
The Acquiring transaction Ecosystem
Prospect a Merchant
Risk Segmentation Assessment
Deep Dive Assessment Analysis
Onboarding Requirements
Risk Management
Acquirer Profit and Loss

2. Cards Acquiring Relationship Management

Building customer Loyalty
Customer Services
Competitive Pricing
Technical Support
Marketing Support
Value Added Services
Acquirer Productivity Framework
Critical Success Factors

3. Introduction to E-Commerce

Evolution of E-Commerce
Benefits, Concerns and Risk
Best Practices
The right payment gateway
Security on E-Commerce
Outlook of E-Commerce