Migration ProjectManaging complex card conversion smoothly

The market is evolving so quickly that it is important that all aspects are considered during the conversion period. The conversion strategy recommends a set of standards related to most aspects of a cards business, that is, technology, issuing, acquiring and financials. This strategy will consider the different stages of this card issuance, that is, before, during and after conversion of cards. AfricaPay will provide end-to-end conversion support from customer targeting, operational assessment, customer and staff communication and post launch monitoring.The strategy will also ensure target to have the best-in-class activation rate and on-going usage in order to increase the profitability of the portfolio.


Pre-launch Fundamentals

Test operational readiness such as BIN certification as well as card features.

Refine the portfolio segmentation with appropriate analytics based on different aspects to identify upgrade opportunities.

Support marketing team to ensure maximum awareness of new cards.


Launch Fundamentals

Procure and deliver new cards.

Develop a detailed plan and support execution of the launch:

Account management with proper scripts for the different channels.

Train the trainers to prepare ambassadors for on-going education.

Soft launch material to educate customers and merchants prior, during and ongoing period (why, when, how, who).

Ensure that cards are being used post migration and cancellation process of the existing cards.

Develop customer onboarding & broad based communication plan across all channels.

Support marketing team to ensure maximum activation of new cards.


Post-launch Fundamentals

Support marketing team to ensure maximum usage of new cards.

Optimise new debit portfolio.

Overall conversion performance analytics.