Card issuance and authorization system

“Prepaid Card Issuance and Authorization System” allows the end customer to run their prepaid card business tailor made to suit their business requirements.

Prepaid Card Issuance and Authorization System is designed in such a way that all the different kind prepaid business logic can be configured in a highly flexible way and provides a very robust environment for authorizing the online prepaid card transactions.

Prepaid Card Issuance and Authorization System allows to issue prepaid cards for variety of domains like Banking, College, Health Care, Insurance etc. and allows the end customer to configure the business rules as per their requirements.

Technical Benefits

Thin layer approach and completely web-based.

Back end runs on C/C++ on Linux which provides the following features:

High security

High performance

High availability

Load balance

Provides web services for any third party application to integrate (SMS short code, USSD, Web portal, android application etc.).

Supports ISO8583 protocol for connecting with network or host or EFT switch.

Front end is completely developed based on MVC architecture.

Completely modularized and is deployed on framework approach.

Every module is designed for supporting two way authentications (Maker/Checker).

Highly scalable architecture and can run on low level and high level as hardware based on customer requirement.

Can support Oracle and MSSQL database.

Business Benefits

Allows the customer to issue the prepaid cards for :

Financial Institutions/Banks(Travel card, Gift card, Re-loadable card, Merchandise card, Corporate card and Salary card)

Educational institution(Campus card)

Health Care (Intensive Card)

Insurance card

Health Care (Intensive Card)

Insurance card

Food card

Highly parametrizable and allows the customer to set the prepaid business rules as per their requirements.

Supports multi-currency. Auto currency swapping based on the transaction currency

Highly configurable online alerts (SMS and Email) for every Debit/Credit.

Supports co-existence on multiple institution and with in the institution multiple BIN’s.

Highly flexible and configurable management which allows the customer to set the rules and rights as per their business requirements.

Complete credit/debit life cycle for each and every transaction is configurable. Hence any complex credit/debit can be added with ease.

Allow the end user to replicate each and every float account maintenance at the core banking.

Allows online wallet maintenance for each merchant by issuing merchant prepaid cards.

Allows addition and maintenance of corporate through corporate cards and allows the corporate to control their child card.

Highly configurable web portal

Customers(Online balance, Card to card transfer, Topup).

Merchants(Card load, Balance, Purchase).

Corporate.(Card topup, Card maintenance like card block, card activation etc)


Automated alerts to designated authority for any activity done on the system.

Automated alerts every day on the current balance of each float account.

Maintains KYC level for each customer based on the identity proof and limit is imposed based on the level.

Transaction support

ATM – Cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, cash depositor (online/offline), pin change, mini statement, VAS (airtime, electricity, digital TV recharge etc.).

POS – Balance inquiry, pin change, purchase, void, refund, card load, card to card transfer, card activation, KYC card shift.

Prepaid front end – Card load, card to card.

Web portal – Card to card, balance inquiry, set KYC limit, mini statement, pin change, VAS (airtime, electricity, digital TV recharge etc.).