About Us

AfricaPay is a five-year-old consulting firm, solutions provider and applications development company that operates mainly within the banking industry to provide consultancy, business advisory, applications development, project management and training services. We are specialized in the cards, credit and payments field with several years of experience working with banks, network associations and business partners.


About AfricaPay

AfricaPay is a trusted partner in cards business strategy drive and can provide high cards profitability through smart marketing, tight credit risk and collections management, great management information, rigorous financial management, achieving up to 15% of Bank Group P&L solely through cards. With the support of MasterCard Priceless Moments and Visa Global Sport sponsorship, we have driven great campaigns and in the same line, increased the number of cardholders.

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Trusted Partner

AfricaPay has launched the first credit card for Nigerian premier private switch Interswitch and are their partner of choice and excellence for all their cards banking projects in Nigeria. These include the implementation and successful roll-out of cards credit management.

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Card Business Management

Similarly, AfricaPay also has the capabilities to manage the Cards Business and Portfolio on behalf of banks. We are today defining the cards strategy, project and business execution of one of the leading banks in Tanzania as well as a similar project with a leading bank in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We manage all the cards activities including marketing, operations, systems projects and financials with the objective of building a successful and profitable cards business.

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Training of Excellence

Reputation for Excellence in Cards training and consultancy

We have also developed a reputation for Excellence in Cards training and consultancy with customized training sessions held in NMB in Tanzania, Steward Bank in Zimbabwe, Enterprise Bank & Interswitch in Nigeria, I&M Bank in Rwanda and BIAC, ProCredit and Interswitch GIE in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We have, in partnership with the MasterCard Academy, given an industry wide training to all banks in Ghana, Pakistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the financial economics of running a Cards Business. We have given merchant training to banks in Zimbabwe and Angola.

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MasterCard Accredited Training

We are today honoured to be a MasterCard accredited training and consultancy company for the Middle East and Africa. We are now a reference for MasterCard and Visa for all training and cards consultancy with several successful projects in the field of cards product launch, credit management, dynamic currency conversion as well as industry wide cards training.

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