Cards Finance

Smart reconciliation to master and control the complex cards finances

Financial Accounting of Card Business is very complex, and it is nowadays a pain for almost all banks. Many banks are not even equipped today to provide the Bank Management a better visibility of their Cards Business Financial performance. Very often banks face problems such as, lack of acknowledge of staff in networks settlement files, transactional reconciliation, and GLs accounts reconciliation.


AfricaPay relieves all these pains by:

  • Providing a general finance review of all the Cards Finance processes

The ultimate verification will be to reconcile the above with ultimately the payment settlement to and from the bank. All reviews including the GL architecture will be reviewing as per best cards finance audit and traceablity practices.

  • Analysis of Cards Business transactions flows
  • Analysis of Cards Accounting Schema
  • Design of best practice Cards Accounting Schema
  • Reviewing the Cards Acquiring revenue & costs lines


Building data structures of the main acquiring lines such as Merchant Volumes, POS Rentals merchant discounts, forex mark-up, forex and atm fees revenues. The main drivers of this finance analysis will be the distribution curve of interchange payout review and analysis, the network expenses fees, the Cards Third Party Processor Fees.

  • Analysis of VISA and MasterCard Nostro accounts
  • Analysis of Third Party Processors Payments files
  • Analysis of Cards Acquiring accounts including intermediate accounts
  • Analysis of VISA and MasterCard Settlement files
  • Analysis of VISA and MasterCard expenses general itemized billings
  • Analysis of Third Party Processor Acquiring files
  • Analysis of VISA and MasterCard Interchange Pay out files
  • Review Issuing Revenue lines and costs lines


A deep dive into the interest generated for the cards lending portfolio. An entire analysis is done around all the various weighted averages of interchange received both locally and internationally. A further deep dive into the various fees income. These will include late fees, overlimit fees, annual fees. The Issuing Finance Costs Analysis will focus on the main costs on the issuing portfolio. The bulk of the analysis will be the primarily the cost of funds based on the lending side of the credit cards. This includes the interest free period strategy. The other line of focus will on the network payments charges on the issuing portfolio as well as the third party processing charges apportioned to the issuing business.

  • Analysis of VISA and MasterCard Interchange Pay out files
  • Finally, brings an accurate Cards P&L.

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