Mobile Banking

Disrupting and not disrupted

Mobile Banking is a service provided by banks & financial institutions to allow the customers to remotely conduct financial transactions on mobile devices. With the new era and technology advancement, customer can access banking facilities 24/7

  1. Card Management
  • PIN Management
  • Activate Card
  • View different card
  • Card statement
  • Pay Card
  • Load prepaid cards


  1. Transfer
  • Visa Direct
  • PayPal
  • Between accounts
  • To other people


  1. Payment
  • Pay bills
  • Pay merchant
  • QR Code
  • Contactless
  • E-Wallet


  1. Refill

Easily refilling mobile number by choosing network and entering number.


  1. Accounts summary

View history of accounts transactions


  1. Cardless Withdrawal

Withdraw money on Bank ATM without a card


  1. Offers

View the different offers and discount available at merchant

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