Cards Issuing

Focusing on the various issuing revenue and costs drivers to make issuing profitable

Sales and Product

This product training gives a powerful insight into the card product and its features. It is ideal for bank managers, bank supervisors as well as support and selling staff in branches. This course will educate the staff on the fundamentals of the card, how it works as well as key selling arguments. It also gives a good understanding on why a card is a key product of the bank with the low risk customer onboarding strategy. This Programme will enable participants to understand the fundamentals of a credit, debit and prepaid card. They will understand and master the concept of value as well as become savvy in developing cards sales arguments.



This course covers the fundamentals of the Cards Operations starting from the cards application to the data capture, the credit limit assessment, the embossing, the cards delivery to customers, the authorization process and the entire account management process. It is ideal for Cards Operations managers, Cards Operations supervisors and Operations staff. This course will enable participants to understand the complexity of operations and how it impacts on the cards strategy, the customer experience and the business



The Cards Marketing Foundation Programme covers the building blocks of developing a dynamic, high-impact cards marketing strategy. It covers various powerful concepts such as the power of brand, the world of segmentation, digital marketing as well as emotional marketing. This course is ideal for marketing managers, business managers as well as marketing supervisors and support staff. This programme will enable participants to understand the intrinsic dynamics which makes cards marketing so powerful and strategic for the bank’s brand positioning as well as stimulate the bank’s cards profitability.



  • Issuing Cards Operation
  • Cards Set up Architecture
  • Credit Assessment Policy
  • Cards Production and Distribution
  • Call Centre Services
  • Collection Services
  • Customer Lifecycle
  • Account Management
  • Issuing P & L
  • Cards Marketing Strategy


Duration: 3 days

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