Cards Business Fundamentals

Enriching with the key fundamental areas of payment to build the base of an entire cards business
​The Cards Business Fundamentals provides a holistic view of the full cards business activities. This course helps institution who wish to start cards business activities, whether the institution wants to do acquiring only, issuing only or doing both. Or, simply, an institution who is already running any specific card business activities, may want to know more about the best practices of the cards industry. The Cards Business Fundamentals training helps to understand clearly the core activities as well as the best practices of the different functions of cards business.



  • The Cards Business Landscape
  • Cards Business Organisation Structure & Job Functions
  • Cards issuing Operations
  • Cards Acquiring Operations
  • Cards Accounting & Profitability
  • Cards Fraud & Chargeback
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Cards Business Strategy



5 days

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